Dustin Carlson's Air Ceremony (OOYH 002) out NOW!


Alright everyone, we didn’t make you wait long for OOYH 002 which is out TODAY! Dustin Carlson’s Air Ceremony is a RAGER of a record, and we couldn’t be more proud to be releasing it into the world. It is available for purchase digitally and as a CD on out Bandcamp page, linked immediately below. The CD is the ONLY way to get the beautiful liner notes by the great Michael Attias.


Here’s some info about the album—it is quite the lineup of the modern downtown/Brooklyn music scene:

Dustin Carlson - guitar, compositions
Nathaniel Morgan - alto saxophone
Eric Trudel - baritone saxophone
Danny Gouker - trumpet
Matt Mitchell - Prophet 6
Adam Hopkins - bass
Kate Gentile - drums

Mixed and Mastered by the absolute master of those things, David Torn.

Original art by TJ Huff (huffart.com).

There are more goodies being released surrounding the album in the coming weeks, but for now we hope you’ll support it so that we can continue to put out awesome recordings. A few words by Dustin about the band:

AIR CEREMONY: The name is about the temporality of all things live music, the ritual of which is what pulled me into the music life, being a teenager going to concerts in the city, dancing, watching, seeing the immediacy of these humans playing instruments and thusly playing the crowd, exciting, stimulating, impressing. There's a lot of love between a good audience and a good band... Then of course there's this belief i have which is that in smaller (older, saner) societies music was in the life, inextricable and therefore not for purchase but (perhaps) to be supported by the works of the community. For me, my musician life happens because of people for whom the music is inextricable; supported with energy and attention, passion (and yes some $kril). Living is a hustle and is filled with mundanity, unfulfillment, disappointment, hard work and uncertainty; the musical ceremony, gathering with friends, this other place that is life in sound, it’s expressing, releasing oneself into the air. The ceremony hits the wind and travels, it's gone, placeless, massless, houseless, penniless, it's at least something "they" haven't figured out how to make me purchase ((yet?)).

Adam Hopkins