Adam Hopkins' CRICKETS (OOYH 001) OUT NOW!


Alright we’re finally live! Happy to release Adam Hopkins’ debut album CRICKETS (OOYH 001) out into the world today. It is available at all the normal places for purchase (iTunes, Amazon, etc) but we always prefer you check it out on Bandcamp. There are three tracks streaming over there currently, and if you like what you hear maybe you’d like to support the label and hear it all? We hope so. There are also some really cool options for physical CD, all featuring original art by TJ Huff. There is the standard CD, the CD with limited edition CRICKETS sticker (run of 75), and CD + sticker + SUPER SECRET art by TJ Huff. It’s a 100% original work of art by TJ and those are very limited at 25, never to be printed again. They are selling fast!

We won’t go into it all, but Bandcamp sales allow us to keep releasing cool music, cool art, etc. The album is not, and will not be, on Spotify or other streaming sights. You can check out the single Mudball there (and you should!) but the whole album will not be streaming.

Get it all here:

Adam Hopkins