Nick Dunston - Atlantic Extraction (OOYH 004) Out NOW!

The day has arrived! We are thrilled to finally share the music of Brooklyn bassist Nick Dunston from his debut album Atlantic Extraction (featuring his ensemble of the same name). We are honored to have this included as one of the very few albums we have released to date. As always the best way to check it out is on our Bandcamp page, where three very different tracks are streaming. We absolutely love this music, and hope you take the time to fully check it out! You can get to it directly here:

*Incredible* album art by T.J. Huff (

Atlantic Extraction is:

Nick Dunston - double bass, vocals (track 15), compositions
Louna Dekker-Vargas - flute, alto flute, piccolo
Ledah Finck - violin, viola
Tal Yahalom - guitar
Stephen Boegehold - drum set

Atlantic Extraction (OOYH 004), Nick Dunston's debut album, as well as the name of this very active quintet, demonstrates a compositional maturity well beyond his years. Touching upon Free Jazz, No Wave, 20th Century Western Classical music, and Appalachian Folk, some of the pieces were written four years ago, and others were written in the studio just minutes before being recorded. The music represents the full spectrum of diversity versus cohesion, urgency versus patience. Atlantic Extraction is not a recording project (no isolation booths, no punch-ins, and typically only one or two takes per track). It is an internal negotiation of the bandleader's relationship to the idea of permanence, and serves as a reminder that, as Noah Becker writes in the liner notes, "music is expressed in process, not product...". Within this unique ensemble comprised of bass, flute, violin, guitar, and drums, the musicians are constantly balancing the integrity of the compositions with their individual improvisational approaches. Atlantic Extraction embodies craftsmanship, virtuosity, trust, and vulnerability.

Adam Hopkins