Photo Credit: Dustin Carlson

Photo Credit: Dustin Carlson


Kate Gentile is a Brooklyn-based drummer and composer. Her music explores unconventional and often complex harmonic and rhythmic material, as well as the intersections of acoustic and electronic sounds. Gentile's compositions have been described as  "...hyper-detailed...designed to spur multi-faceted improvisation." 

In addition to the quartet with Jeremy Viner, Matt Mitchell and Adam Hopkins on her debut album 'Mannequins,' other projects Kate is a part of are Snark Horse, in which she co-leads and shares compositional duties with pianist Matt Mitchell; Matt Mitchell's projects Phalanx Ambassadors and A Pouting Grimace, and Dustin Carlson's septet Air Ceremony. 

Kate has also worked with Anthony Braxton, Marty Ehrlich, Michael Formanek, Helado Negro, Ted Reichman, Chris Speed, Anna Webber, and John Zorn.

Appears on:

OOYH 002: Dustin Carlson - Air Ceremony